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  1. Parker's hydraulic accumulators regulate the performance of a hydraulic system by providing an additional volume of system fluid, pressurized by an external gas supply. For industrial applications, Parker offers three types of hydro-pneumatic accumulators: piston, bladder and diaphragm.
  2. Feb 27,  · An accumulatoris a type of registerincluded in a CPU. It acts as a temporary storage location which holds an intermediate value in mathematical and logical calculations. Intermediate results of an operation are progressively written to the accumulator, overwriting the previous value.
  3. The accumulator can pick up a player's ranged ammunition after they fire it, and will also randomly attract metal items (steel arrows, darts, med helms, nails and knives, iron .
  4. Accumulator (cryptography), a value, determined by a set of values, that allows you to verify if any one of the original values is a member of the set Accumulator (energy), an apparatus for storing energy or power Capacitor, in electrical engineering, also known by the obsolete term accumulator.
  5. Ava's accumulator is a reward from the Animal Magnetism quest if the player's Ranged level is 50 or above. It attracts most of a player's used ammunition back into the arrow or main hand slot and randomly generates steel arrows directly into the arrow or inventory slot. This item also can attract random metal materials. The generation rate is about one steel arrow, steel knife, or steel dart Quest item: Animal Magnetism.
  6. noun a person or thing that accumulates. a register or electric device on an arithmetic machine, as an adding machine, cash register, or digital computer, that receives a number and produces and stores .
  7. Accumulator. Greenville, North Carolina. music merch community Her Space Opera Rise of the Wolf Paradise Arcade Journey of the Wolf Day and Night Harlequin Havoc Neonempyr.
  8. Accumulators for Offshore Hydraulic applications with special coatings or stainless steel up to bar. HYDAC has also acquired QHP Hydraulics in the UK. HYDAC Accumulator Technology can reflect on over 45 years' experience in research & development, design and production of Hydac accumulators.

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