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  1. used to describe a situation in which everything is correctly organized or repaired, or when someone has everything that is needed: Debbie's sorted for Tuesday night because she's found a babysitter.
  2. Sort definition is - a group set up on the basis of any characteristic in common: class, kind. How to use sort in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of sort.
  3. Sorted AI can automatically categorize & organize documents, so that you can easily find them anytime. Just let the app fetch documents on your phone or upload manually. Find Id Cards, Insurances, Bills & Warranties, Medical Records etc. anytime.
  4. Sorted is a % Australian owned retailer for Electricity and Broadband. Sorted also, allows you to discover a range of great services and plans from other providers. More services coming soon! Digital wallet. Manage your payments and transactions out of your sorted wallet. As a way to say thanks, we’ve popped $25 in your wallet to spend on.
  5. The sorted () function returns a sorted list from the items in an iterable. The sorted () function sorts the elements of a given iterable in a specific order (either ascending or descending) and returns the sorted iterable as a list. The syntax of the sorted () function is: sorted (iterable, key=None, reverse=False).
  6. A SortedSet object maintains a sorted order without affecting performance as elements are inserted and deleted. Duplicate elements are not allowed. Changing the sort values of existing items is not supported and may lead to unexpected behavior. For a thread safe alternative to SortedSet, see ImmutableSortedSet.
  7. From email chaos to team productivity.. with the world's first all-in-one workspace, built entirely on email. One intuitive place to manage your Emails, To-do's, Projects, Sales, Client Service, CRM and Teamwork right in GMAIL! Sortd is the world’s first all-in-one workspace, built entirely on melnistchicdiarohsmarsundpotiresida.coinfo your Tasks, Emails and Teamwork right from your Gmail Inbox.
  8. Powerful delivery tracking – SortedREACT. Convenience for customer care. The dynamic checkout – SortedHERO. Personalised delivery options.

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