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Orphan Nexus

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  1. Re: Nexus 9k - traffic between orphan ports not forwarded via vpc peer-link what you suggest here is "You can explicitly declare physical interfaces as orphan ports to be suspended (shut down) by the secondary peer when it suspends its vPC ports in response to a peer link or peer-keepalive failure".
  2. Jan 08,  · The ports connecting devices in a non-vPC mode to a vPC topology are referred to as orphaned ports. Switch 2 connects to the Cisco Nexus Switch with a regular spanning-tree configuration: thus, one link is forwarding, and one link is blocking. These links connect to the Cisco Nexus Switch with orphaned ports. Figure 4. vPC Ports and Orphan Ports.
  3. Jun 28,  · Orphan hosts When the source and receivers are in the Layer 2 vPC cloud in different VLANs with multicast routing enabled and a vPC member link goes down. You might see negligible traffic loss in the following scenarios.
  4. If attaching Nutanix nodes to a Nexus VPC pair, without the use of a VPC Port Channel, Nutanix recommends configuring "vpc orphan-port suspend" on all host facing interfaces. This will prevent black hole traffic in certain VPC failure scenarios by suspending non-VPC (aka orphan) interfaces on .
  5. Apr 26,  · If any orphan ports are in VLAN 10, VLAN 11, and VLAN 12, the packets are bridged to the orphan ports. Software Upgrade and Downgrade Impact. In Cisco NX-OS Release (3)N1(1b), the Cisco Nexus Platform switch does not support ISSUs when Layer 3 modules are installed and Layer 3 features are enabled.
  6. Aug 11,  · Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) is a status that provides seven years of additional post-approval protection and exemption from filing fees; Rare .
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  8. We have a couple of orphan ports on each Nexus I decided to have a port-channel between the Nexus s for the data traffic of the orphan ports between the 2 Nexus s. But I see that the second port-channel between the Nexus switches is in spanning-tree blocked mode.

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