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  1. A labyrinth is a meandering path, often unicursal, with a singular path leading to a center. Labyrinths are an ancient archetype dating back 4, years or more, used symbolically, as a walking meditation, choreographed dance, or site of rituals and ceremony, among other things.
  2. Nov 23,  · Jealous Lyrics: I'm jealous of the rain / That falls upon your skin / It's closer than my hands have been / I'm jealous of the rain / I'm jealous of the wind / That ripples through your clothes.
  3. Labyrinth Quotes. Jareth the Goblin King: Live without your sunlight, love without your heartbeat. The Worm/The Four Guards/Goblin: Come inside and have a cup of tea!
  4. Sep 03,  · (Read Part 1) The lost labyrinth of ancient Egypt is a colossal temple said to contain 3, beautifully adorned rooms connected by a confusing array of passages, chambers, porticoes, and melnistchicdiarohsmarsundpotiresida.coinfo was repeatedly and consistently described by numerous classic historians between 5th century BC and 1st century AD, suggesting that the labyrinth did indeed exist.
  5. Labyrinth: The Forever War: -? Publisher: GMT Games. Designer: Trevor Bender. Price $ Passed inspection: The new rules and cards update the game to the present. Failed basic: This is an expansion to the Labyrinth base game. It requires ownership of both the ‘Labyrinth’ base game and the ‘Awakening’ expansion.
  6. labyrinth [lab´ĭ-rinth] the inner ear, consisting of the vestibule, cochlea, and semicircular canals. The cochlea is concerned with hearing and the vestibule and semicircular canals with the sense of equilibrium. (See also color plates.) adj., adj labyrin´thine. The bony portion of the labyrinth (osseous labyrinth) is composed of a series of canals.
  7. Labyrinth to me restores something that is lacking particularly for kids these days. Everything is so CGI'd up and quite a bit of it lacks imagination. This film doesn't, its fabulous. There's always been something special and mysterious about it, it's highly underated in my opinion. I've owned it on video tape, then DVD, and now blu-ray.

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