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Rocket Ship - The Space Cadets (3) - Lost On Earth (Vinyl)

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  1. While playing baseball with Will, Penny and the Robot, Dr. Smith is injured. When he regains consciousness, he sees an alien dressed in a wizard’s costume. The others cannot see anything, and believe that it is merely the result of a concussion. The wizard continues to appear to Smith, tormenting him repeatedly. When the Robot picks up signs of an alien life form, he leads Will .
  2. Originally shaped as a 5’3″ for Shane’s young son Noah by former Lost shaper and pro surfer Noah Budroe. The board features a wide forward outline with round forgiving rails, flat deck and a wide “rocket” tail. The rocker is extremely low in the entry, for instant speed, with an exaggerated kick in the tail for tight arcs out of.
  3. Back in four Cadets of Rock´n´Roll from deep outer space landed on Earth with their incredible 10” release LOST ON EARTH. This was a record breaking record. As the people recognised who hid behind this new project named THE SPACE CADETS nobody was astonished at all.
  4. (RHYTHM ROCK-IT) 20 tracks, YESSIR!!! The two IMPORTANT and long out-of-print albums of the Space Cadets are out on CD now! Originally recorded between 19these recordings are already classics and a must for every serious Rock .
  5. the Space Cadets – rockin with The Space Cadets – Rockin’ with. Rhythm Rock-It – EPRR2 Rockin’ With The Space Cadets – Awakadeeawakadoo – Astrobilly Rockin’ – In Space – Rockin’ On Thin Ice – Jack Hammer – Lost On Earth – Space Girl – Lady M – I’m A Space Cadet – You Don’t Move Me – Give Me Space – We’re Gonna Rock Rock Rock – Did He Jump, Or Was.
  6. (RHYTHM ROCK-IT) 20 Lieder, YESSIR!!!!! Die beiden WICHTIGEN und langen vergriffenen Alben der Space Cadets sind jetzt auf CD erhältlich! Ursprünglich zwischen 19aufgenommen, sind diese Aufnahmen bereits Klassiker und ein Muss für jeden ernsthaften Rock & Roll- und Rockabilly-Sammler!
  7. The Space Cadets: Crash Landed (CD) (I Sold My Soul Media) 14 Tracks - Goodness Gracious and thank the Lord - the first Space Cadets album since 15 years but in the tradition of the fantastic 'Awakadeeawakadoo' style of the 'Lost On Earth' 10inch and the 'Astrobilly Rockin' LP from and !
  8. The announced plan to divide the Space Academy into a number of separate campuses is really a front for revolutionaries to overthrow the Solar Guard and take over the Solar System. The space cadets are trapped in a rocket ship designed to crash onto the surface of Mars, killing everyone aboard.
  9. Rocket ships adorned sweaters (a sly homage to The Shining), patches were on bags and wristlets, and the brand unveiled a space helmet-clad dinosaur on smaller accessories. Stereo Vinyl.

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